Original CBS Airdate: September 3, 1986

Contestants: Jeff/Marian

Summary: Edit

Show starts off with the new champion, Jeff, just being crowned from the previous episode, and about to play the Money Cards.  During his playing of the Money Cards, he had an eight on the Big Bet row, and Jeff obviously decides to change the card, and his new card is a deuce.  Jeff obviously bets all of his $6,000 on the deuce, and the worst thing that could happen is he would remain at $6,000.  But when Bob revealed the card, which was a nine, and his final total was $12,000.  Then Jeff takes to the podium where he meets his new opponent, Marian.  After three questions in Round One, Marian wins her first game and $100.  After the commercial break, Round Two kicks off, and after just one question, Marian ran all five cards without a mistake, and ends up becoming the new champion, and gets her chance to play the Money Cards.  On the Big Bet row, Marian has a queen, and bets $750 of her $1,000 lower, and after the result was revealed (which was an eight), Marian ended up winning $1,750 in cash.  Marian then takes on a new challenger named Heather, and Round One kicks off with a question involving the audience polling group asking if firefighters should be permitted to go on strike (the answer was zero).  Marian won control of the cards, and had an Ace to start off with, and when she called lower, she got a deuce.  Needless to say, she called higher, and while she was on a roll, she got the exact middle card, an eight.  Marian obviously freezes, keeping Heather away from the cards.  After Heather won the second question of Round One, like Marian, she had two great cards to start off with, and got a five midway through her row.  She continued on, and called it higher, and got an Ace.  Heather obviously called the last card lower, and ended up winning her first game and $100.  The next episode starts off at the beginning of Round Two.

Total Winnings: Edit

Jeff: $12,200 ($200 for match, $12,000 in first Money Cards)

Marian: $1,950 ($200 for match, $1,750 in second Money Cards)

Notes/Trivia: Edit

  • Audience polling group: 10 L.A. Firefighters
  • The second audience poll question asked if firefighters should be permitted to go on strike.  The answer was zero, and after doing some Google research, L.A. firefighters never did go on strike.