Original CBS Airdate: February 16, 1987

Contestants: Matthew/Lisa

Summary: Edit

Match continues from the previous Young People's Week episode from January 23, 1987. It was learned that it was Lisa's birthday when the episode originally aired. At the start of the show, Lisa had won one game, and Matthew has to catch up. The show starts at the beginning of Round Two of the match. After the first question was finished, Lisa won control of the cards, and tried to run the cards, but failed. Matthew then had a free shot at the cards, and he too attempted to run the cards, and won the round, tying up the match. After the commercial break, the Tiebreaker round was about to start, and the next two questions were an Educated Guess and Audience Poll question respectively. After two questions, Lisa had control of the cards, and apparently had won the match and the right to play the Money Cards for some birthday cash. Lisa was given two Jokers free of charge for winning the match, and that gives her two chances of winning the trip to Hawaii after the Money Cards. Lisa gets another Joker during the Money Cards, and on the Big Bet row, she bet $2,000 of her $3,100 lower than a queen, and successfully won $5,100 for her birthday (which she would receive in certificates of deposit, which would mature when she reached 18 years of age). After the commercial break, Lisa then takes three Jokers to the bonus game, places the Jokers on #5, #7, and #3 respectively, and Bob reveals each result starting from the left. Bob revealed a "NO" on all three of her chosen cards, and leaves Studio 33 with $5,300 in cash. Two new Young Players, LeRonda and Christopher, start a new match, and at the end of the show, Christopher wins Round 1, and the next episode will start at the beginning of Round Two.

Total Winnings: Edit

Lisa: $5,300 ($200 for match, $5,100 in Money Cards, no trip to Hawaii)

Notes/Trivia: Edit

  • Monday episode of Young People's Week VI
  • Audience polling group: 10 Married Men
  • Lacey and Suzanna never wore leis around their neck for most of the show except during the Money Cards and bonus game.