Original CBS Airdate: February 17, 1987

Contestants: LeRonda/Christopher

Summary: Edit

LeRonda becomes the champion, and plays the Money Cards.  LeRonda is given two Jokers free of charge for winning the match.  When she reaches the Big Bet row, she has a six, and elected to change the six, which becomes a Queen.  She bets half of her $2,100 lower than the Queen, and Bob reveals the card to be a five, and LeRonda wins $3,150, which would be awarded in certificates of deposit that will mature when she reaches 18 years of age.  She then takes her two Jokers to the bonus game, and places the Jokers on cards #2 and #6.  Bob does his usual reveal from left to right, and behind #2 is the word "HAWAII" - therefore LeRonda and three other relatives are heading to Hawaii.  After Bob sent LeRonda and her family on their way, new young players Kellie Martin and Bryan take the stage, and one more survey question - which involved the audience polling group - was asked before time ran out.  When Bryan won the question, he nearly ran the cards, but elected to freeze on the fourth card on the row, which was a seven.  The match between Kellie and Bryan would continue on the next show with the second question of Round One.

Total Winnings: Edit

LeRonda: $6,846 ($200 for match, $3,150 in Money Cards, $3,496 trip to Hawaii in bonus game)

Notes/Trivia: Edit

  • Tuesday episode of Young People's Week VI.
  • Audience polling group: 10 married men:
  • Christopher mistakenly calls the host "Bill" during the first play of the cards after the first question.  It is uncertain if Christopher may have heard of Bill Rafferty, who hosts the syndicated version of Card Sharks around this time.
  • Bob mistakenly told LeRonda that she was playing for a car, but then realized he made a mistake since it was Young People's Week, and then said she was playing for a trip to Hawaii.
  • Contestant Kellie Martin, who appeared later in this episode, wanted to be a film director when she grew up.  She would eventually become a regular actress on the sitcom Life Goes On.