Original CBS Airdate: February 28, 1989 Contestants: Jerry (champion)/Rosetta

Summary: Edit

Rosetta becomes the new champion, and plays the Money Cards. She has a Queen on the Big Bet row, and bets $5,000 of her $6,800 lower than the Queen, and the result was an eight, and won $11,800. Then, she plays the car game and is asked a question about the 10 nudists, and walks over to the range board where she sets the blue diamond on 10. She did not win the car, nor a $500 bonus, because she was off by two (the answer was 8). After the commercial break, Lacey announces her contestant plug (which GSN normally edits out due to redundancy), and then Rosetta meets her new challenger, Paul, for a rematch (see Notes/Trivia below). Show ends halfway through Round One, and the next episode will start off with Question #3 in Round One.

Total Winnings: Edit

Rosetta: $12,000 ($200 for match, $11,800 in Money Cards, no car)

Notes/Trivia: Edit

  • Johnny Gilbert fills in for Gene Wood in this episode. Johnny Gilbert is known for his announcing duties on Jeopardy! for more than 30 years and still announces as of February 2015 despite being 90 years old, making him the oldest active game show announcer in history.
  • Feature car this week: Chevrolet GEO Metro
  • Audience polling group: 10 Nudists
  • Although the audience polling group were nudists, they appear to be fully-clothed. Makes sense, since this is a family-friendly game show.
  • When the car was described by Johnny Gilbert, the word "CHEVROLET" did not fly in, but rather appeared quickly out of nowhere. It did fly out, though.
  • Paul appeared on Card Sharks before, but returned for a rematch due to a technical problem.