Original CBS Airdate: March 31, 1989 (Finale)

Contestants: Ray (champion)/Pam

Summary: Edit

New match starts off the final episode of the series.  Pam becomes the show's final champion, and plays the final playing of the Money Cards.  Pam doesn't start off greatly - she busts right off the bat!  But fear not, because she gets $400 and she calls the next card lower than the Ace, and talk about rotten luck - another Ace is revealed!  That's a push, she still has her $400.  At this point, she was likely going to win no more than $1,600.  She did manage to win $1,300 in the Money Cards, but here's where it gets very interesting - the final playing of the car game!  The rules are modified for this final playing of the car game likely in an attempt to allow the show to go out with a bang (see Notes/Trivia below), but regardless, she fails to win the car.  Bob gives an emotional speech during the closing segment.

Total Winnings: Edit

Pam: $1,500 ($200 for match, $1,300 in Money Cards, no car)

Notes/Trivia: Edit

  • Final episode to air on CBS
  • Audience polling group: 10 Business Executives
  • During the final playing of the car game, the rules were modified in an attempt to give away the car and to allow the show to go out with a bang.  The $500 cash bonus for missing by one was abolished; instead, the final champion could win the car even if off by one, or exactly right.
  • After the copyright date disappeared, Bob Eubanks gives an emotional smile up close to the camera.  GSN only showed that segment one time - during the Y2Play marathon on New Year's Eve 1999.


  • Gene Wood: "And now, the host of Card Sharks... and a terrific guy... Bob Eubanks!"
  • Bob: "Chuck Henry's after my job!" (referring to the host of Card Sharks' replacement show, Now You See It, which debuted the following Monday, April 3)
  • Bob during his emotional speech: "When we walked on the stage, we were three, uh, strangers.  We walk off the stage with lifetime friendships (choking tears).  And I would like to dedicate these last three years to, uh, to Carole Costello, who... left us right after the show started and Donna Jean took over, so thank you for that... Bye-bye, see you next time!"